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FAQs for FeedMe247

A. No. The eBook is completely FREE to download for everyone. However, if a person decides to use this Marketing System, they will need to pay a one-time $10.

A. It is an Crowdfunding Cooperative (not a MLM) that has nothing to do with the FeedMe247 Marketing System and is not responsible for it. For this reason, we do not discuss or ask questions about FeedMe247 while on their calls. However, FeedMe247 has everything to do with building your crowd with this Platform, as this is our way of increasing your organization and earnings, completely on autopilot.

A. To earn with FeedMe247, your only effort needs to be to share your personal referral link with everyone you can. When someone clicks on your link, they will register with FeedMe247 in order to download our Free eBook. From that point, they are presented with the opportunity to do what you are doing. They too can become a part of the Crowdfunding Co-op, as a Free Member, and they too will be given the opportunity to earn funds with our amazing Marketing System by simply sharing our Free eBook with those who decide to make a one-time payment of $10 for our Marketing System.

A. No. The FeedMe247 Marketing System does the recruiting for you. You never even have to talk to anyone, if you do not want to. If a person accepts the opportunity presented to them, they will automatically become a part of your Crowd in the Crowdfunding Co-op and will be added as a PEA (Personal Entry Added) to your FeedMe247 PoD (Point of Delivery).

A. No. Each time you completely fill your FeedMe247 PoD, with 6 people (PEAs), whether you personally referred them or not, you will immediately receive a $30 deposit into your wallet in this Crowdfunding Co-op and your Membership will be automatically upgraded.

A. Yes. Each time you have personally referred someone who chooses to pay for our Marketing System, they will receive their own PoD. As they share their FeedMe247 personal referral link with everyone they can, and as others join with them, they are filling their own PoD. And once they have received 6 PEAs in their PoD, whether they personally sponsored them or not, they too will receive an immediate $30 deposit into their wallet in the Crowdfunding Co-op. And if you are their referrer in the Crowdfunding Co-op, you will start receiving Contributions from the Co-op. All of this happens automatically, with the simple sharing of a Free eBook and people deciding they too want to get their projects funded.

A. No, not at this time. However, you are able to see who has registered for the Free eBook but did not complete the process, in your FeedMe247 back-office. And you are free to follow-up with them, if you choose.